Meet the Team

Heather Corbin, Owner & Lead Photographer

Philippians 4:13

Hey! I am SO glad you have landed here!

I am a life changed by Jesus, a fun loving momma of 3 kiddos, plus a bloodhound pooch and a happy wife. My crew live on a steep mountain side in Smithsburg with a breathtaking view and countless amount of chickens!

My husband and I grew up in Carroll County, MD where we met in high school and became high school sweethearts. We were married in 2010 where we moved to Frederick, MD. Longing for more land and rural-ness and longing for that same small town feel as we had growing up, we landed in Smithsburg in 2013. We absolutely adore this area, the people and the schools! It was for sure the best choice we have made for our family!

Prior to mom life, I studied digital art my senior year of high school while interning for a local studio photographer. I really enjoyed it but didn’t think I could make a living on those skills. Realistically thinking, and needing to pay the bills, I worked in the corporate world in Baltimore, MD for 6 years while attending business school. After my first child was born, I continued to work part time until I surrendered to the call and yearning of my heart to be a full time stay at home momma. After my third child, I had lost myself. Desperately needing to find “me” again, I threw myself back into creative expression through the lens.

One day I realized that if I can do what I love for work then I would never have to work a day in my life. What started as a hobby, and with the encouragement of family/friends, business mentors and Gods provision/strength, I was led to make this hobby a legit business in 2018.

I loved photography the moment I was able to hold my blue Fischer price film camera! I remember setting up photography sets and backgrounds at a young age. Using my baby sister as my subjects all the time. Dressing her up and playing “photographer” with her was one of my favorite games! As I grew up, so did my camera preferences and skills! I went from my Fischer price camera to a Kodak film camera (having my film developed at the local Kmart of course!). In my teen years I merged into the digital world and got my first canon point and shoot then eventually graduated to the DSLR world! You can say, I grew with the times! I continued to express my creativity through photography throughout my entire adolescence and teen years photography family and friends. I was always that annoying girl with a camera in her hands!

I have a heart to serve and create connection with people, the mind to create- that thrives on pushing the rules and asking “why” all the time. I take risks, sometimes I fall on my face and sometimes I fly! I live life with no regrets and put my heart and faith in 100% of what I do.

Courtney Eckard, Executive Assistant & Associate Photographer

Isaiah 43:1-2

Courtney joined our team in November 2021 assisting Heather with the business side of the business. Courtney has been married to her husband Patrick for 11 years and together they have two daughters, Chloe and Emma.

In addition to her studies and her work at Willow Blue, she volunteers with Girl Scouts. Courtney also enjoys crafting and baking with her daughters in her free time.

Melissa Stallard, Associate Photographer

Bio coming soon…

Rachel Coss, Digital Artist

Acts 2:42

No matter what color hair I happen to have that day, you will always see me creating.

I love working with everyone who walks through the doors to create something special and unique. I’ve always enjoyed making beautiful things, and at Willow Blue I’m able to share that — I’m living my dream. Rachel holds an Associate of Arts Degree with a concentration in visual arts from Hagerstown Community College.

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